2008. november 23., vasárnap

People I admire

Here is a list of people I admire and respect. The list isn´t complete, and will be growing:

1.- My husband, because he is so tolerant, good-willing and excellent in the "salami technique" (doing things step-by-step).
2.- My mother for her strength and her ability to plan.
3.- My father for his ability to manage people, being him the first in moving things.
4.- My elder daughter for being so good and so creative.
5.- My mother-in-law because she can speak so nicely to people.
6.- My best friend M., for being able to make such a great family and working so hard.
7.- My other best friend CsJ for being really interested in other people and helping the ones in trouble.

To be continued...

2008. november 22., szombat

2008. november 20., csütörtök

3, 2, 1...

Let´s start it. Welcome to my blog, where I tell tales, read yours, share ideas and pix.